Tuesday, May 06, 2008

What's the color of your personality?

Click here to find out:


Olive_12 said...

This is what I got:

Introverted Personality Style

Introverted Personality Style (IPS) means that your predominant inclination is to follow your inner thoughts, feelings, and motivations. People who know you may think of you as a person in whom "still waters run deep." While you probably tend to stay away from situations that require you to talk with people you have never met, you can do it when necessary. People who know you may say that you are difficult to get to know, but those who do get close to you discover that you can talk for hours about your rich inner world.

That's so me!!!

alli-gal said...

This is what I got:

Extroverted Personality Style

Extroverted Personality Style (EPS) means that your preferred role is "life of the party." You actively seek out other people, and are at your best in social situations in which you can meet new people and bring other people together. People who know you are drawn to your genuine interest in other people. In that way, you are probably the ultimate "people person."

Most of the time, this is correct....but I have my moments when I like to just sit back and watch......not be watched.

Bitzky77 said...

Uh, this is mine. Seems just about right. I do seek out these sorts of activities.

You Chose:

High Sensation Seeking

High Sensation Seeking (HSS) means that you really enjoy high-energy, thrill-seeking kinds of activities. You seldom follow the crowd. Your idea of a good time is a thrilling emotional experience that challenges you to the max. Because you seek out high-energy experiences, other people probably think of you as a risk-taker. The people in your life may admire you as an avant-guard, leading-edge kind of individual who is likely to be tuned into new trends ahead of the curve. People are drawn to your adventurous spirit.


Andrea said...

I got the same one as Alli-Gal. We're people-people!

I'm a people person, yes I am, but I say when, I say where and I say how long. So guess you could also say I'm a control freak with my time.

Andrea said...

Bitzky's is right on too!

(haven't forgotten about the video...just don't have the perfect content nailed down yet)

Which reminds me, have you seen people on youtube that jump into their pants. Check it out.

Bitzky77 said...

OK. I'll check out that youtube vid. "Jump Into Pants"