Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Say Hello to My Little Friend
In light of the drive I'll be making (at least temporarily) to Bloomington, I decided to get rid of my 2000 Nissan Altima with 90K miles on it and get a new car.
Initially I thought I'd buy a used Honda but the prices of the used were just a couple thousand off the new car prices and the interest rates were way lower for a new car. So I bit the bullet and got a new one. I love it, I've only had it 6 days and it's been years since I had a car payment, so ask me how much I like it again when I make that first payment on August 30th - I might be singing a different tune!
So, I'm really feelin' like this car needs a name. Don't you? Something like Sharky. Doesn't the front of it look like a shark head? So, announcing, the official "NAME ANDREA'S CAR CONTEST!" Get creative folks, I just might pick the name you suggest!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's official! I start my new job August 4th, 2008! Oh I can't wait!!!

Who is Hanapin Marketing? Well "we" are an Internet marketing firm that specializes in website development, pay per click advertising and search engine optimization.

Is this a dream or do I get to do what I love for a living? Holy Cow, it's real!! It's real!! Somebody pinch me!

Monday, July 14, 2008



Friday, July 11, 2008

Nothing says "I wanna have 12 kids and share a husband" like a good drop waisted dress!

Are you bored this summer? Perhaps you're finding dull spots in your day and you need something to fill that time?

Check out! Every single day this website offers one deal. That's right folks, just one a day. Ohhhhhh, but It's the deal of the century! Even if you're not in the market for their deal, the description of that product is so darn funny, it'll keep you coming back day, after day, after day!

Mark my words, Grasshopper! You'll be back!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

(I wish I took this picture!)

Magic Man and I went to the Carmel fireworks tonight. They have this little Carmelfest every year and cap it off with fireworks on the 4th. The display is pretty good, if you're ever down here on the 4th, they are worth a look-see.

We came home though, and saw the Boston Pops with REAL fireworks. Wow!!! Ok Carmel pales in comparison (naturally).
The Boston Pops played a Pavarotti song that I absolutely love. I remember discovering this when I worked at BMG, exploring all kinds of music (for a buck a CD - ah those were the days). This is an Aria by Puccini from the play Turandot sung by Pavarotti in Italian. You don't need to know the words to hear and understand the emotion of the song. I've loved it since the first time I heard it. Why wasn't I smart enough to go witness such talent when he was alive???
I love the look he gives after he sings the very last note. He takes a breath, furrows his brow and pulls his shoulders up and forward slightly. I just wonder what he was thinking?? Maybe "that was my best performance ever" or "I'm so sick of singing that song!" Who knows. I love it!

English Translation of "Nessun Dorma"
Nobody shall sleep!... Nobody shall sleep!
Even you, o Princess,
in your cold room,
watch the stars,
that tremble with love and with hope.
But my secret is hidden within me,
my name no one shall know...
On your mouth I will tell it when the light shines.
And my kiss will dissolve the silence that makes you mine!...
(No one will know his name and we must, alas, die.)
Vanish, o night!
Set, stars! Set, stars!
At dawn, I will win! I will win! I will win!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Magic Man and I took the day off and spent it with Kellie, Brian and Ellie Grace. I got some great pictures of the little smiley face. She's sure growing up fast...already 9 months old and trying to walk. She took 2 steps today by herself and learned to drink from a straw!
What a day!!