Sunday, November 30, 2008

What a surprise! We got up this morning and it snowed overnight! Hello Old Man Winter! Rich raced out and built his first snowman for Winter 2008!

I went out the door behind him to snap a few shot of the blessed event! Rich blew all the leaves out of our yard a week ago...but more fell since then. Who cares! Made for a good photo op!

As you can see, we still have our "Fall" decorations out...we usually leave them up through Thanksgiving. They got the shock of their lives too!

Time to put the Christmas lights up!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Evidently Dr. Pepper never thought Guns & Roses new album would hit the streets. Back in March they said they would give a free Dr. Pepper to everyone in America if the new G&R album was released in 2008.

Well guess what. The album hits the streets on Sunday.
Wishing they had kept their "pepper" where their money is - ol Dr. Pepper is going to make good on their promise. Free DP for everyone! All you have to do is wait until 12:01am on Sunday, then go to the DP site and there will be a coupon available for your free 20 oz Dr Pepper (valid thru the end of Feb 09). Yummo!

Well, Dr. Pepper. That'll learn ya!!

Friday, November 14, 2008


Sunday, November 09, 2008


Last night we had our What About Bob party at Jan & Cliff's. We had lots of fun and some good food too! I only got a couple of pics of the group so here we go! Sarah came up with a great What About Bob version of Pictionary and TEAM 1 (Allison, Ryan, Jenny, Cliff, Rich and Me) ROCKED the WIN!!! Rich and I came up with a bunch of trivia questions. We tried to make it into a DVD game but couldn't get the the DVD burnt in time for the party! So watch out, we just might bring it to Thanksgiving! We had lots of fun last night! Hope all of you did too!

Dr. Leo Marvin:

Group Shot!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

It's Christmas time...What Are You Talking About?!?

We haven't even had Thanksgiving yet and there's already been a ceremonious "Christmas Tree Lighting" at one of the area shopping malls. Huh? It's 3 weeks before Thanksgiving! Guess I can't blame retailers, it's been a tough year! I started Christmas shopping WEEKS ago so how can I fault them for wanting to cash in on Christmas early?

Couple this with a blog series we're writing at work about "Black Friday" and how to boost sales in your online stores...all this talk of Christmas and shopping has me thinking about the fun Rich and I had on Black Friday last year. So I started researching info for the blog post I have to write for work and found a bunch of retailers have already released their black friday ads! Thought you might want to get a sneak peek and start planning your early morning shopping spree along with me!

Here are some sites that have Black Friday ads posted:
Get ready! Brush up on the trivia!!!!