Friday, February 29, 2008

Some people think you should have cake on your birthday.

I usually want PIE! This year I went with COCONUT CREAM PIE!

Aren't these cute pictures! Kellie sent me these yesterday.
Ellie is growing up so fast!
Check out Little Miss Porky Poo!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Total Eclipse - February 2008

Snapped these shots despite the frigid temps. Trembling from the cold made it really hard to focus!
My camera & I did the best we could!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Our Must See List

Magic Man & I spend far too much time watching the Discovery and Science channels. As a result, we've learned some really cool things, have seen some awesome places and have created a list of MUST SEE places on Earth. We don't really like calling it a BUCKET LIST because let's face it - that does have a rather negative connotation, right?

We've had Dubai on our must see list for a long time. Let's examine this easy little equation. Gas is $3.19 a gallon. Dubai is in an oil rich country. What should they do? Oh I know! Build some outrageous stuff! Our pals in Dubai are doing just that -- time and time again.

We aren't hatin' on the people of Dubai - they are very creative people and willing to push engineering to its very edge! There's so much interesting construction going on there. Just do a little 'ol Google search on construction in Dubai and you'll see all the projects they've got in process or completed.

Check out Palm Island. Totally man-made by pumping sand from miles out in the ocean into this shape. It constantly erodes and has to be repumped to keep its shape all the time. There are 2 or 3 other islands like the Palm that have been built too. And get this!!! You can see these islands from space - with just your plain 'ol eyesight! Who would ever attempt this other than those wacky and inventive Dubaians?
Then there's the Burj Tower - a whopping 2,950 feet tall (or maybe higher) and 220-some odd floors! Yiiiiiikes! Not sure I'll actually be able to go to the top of this thing. That's up there, folks! But what a sight to see, right? Oh and not to be outdone, the architects who created this masterpiece have kept their plans under wraps so if anyone comes along in another city with plans to build a bigger tower, they can just add a few more floors to out-do whoever is trying to take their cake. Yeeowza!

Let's not leave out Sunny Mountain Ski Dome. It's a true winter experience with REAL SNOW in an indoor facility. Temps will be kept at a frigid +10°c. Open year round, it will provide a real winter experience to those in Dubai. You can ski down a revolving ski slope (huh???), view its indoor mountain range, take a stroll across an ice bridge, get lost in an ice maze or just kick back and dine is its fine eating establishments. Oh, they'll have polar bears in there too. I wanna go! I wanna go!

Start savin' your pennies - there's a big ol world out there to see. Let's hit the road!

I'm layin claim on my TWO guys from the new season of Dancin with the Stars. Jenny and I won't have to fight tooth and nail this season cause I called em first! I called em first!!!!

He's mine: Christian de la Fuente

And so is he, Jason Taylor:
Remember how much fun it was to sit down with your crayons and color away? Do you dream about color? Maybe you're thinking of redecorating your house and need a little jump start on a color scheme.

Check out Kuler!

Oh the color wheel is a wonderful thing! It's really I'm warning you!! There could be countless hours of color fun spent on this site.


(if you feel like it, check out some of my color schemes.....just key my first name (dot) my last name in the search box and you'll find what I've created.)

Monday, February 18, 2008

Don't even bother getting a ticket...
the $100 Million Dollar drawing is mine!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Miss Ellie Grace - Sweetie Pie Punkin Face!

Ellie turned over for the first time last weekend - from her back to to tummy. Brian told me she did it then looked at them like, "what just happened??" She's getting sooooo big! It won't be long and she'll be crawlin'!

Hurry Mama, this bib isn't as good as that yummy bottle you usually give me!

Maybe the Paparazzi will leave me alone if I disguise myself with these shades!

Look at me! I'm a big girl now!!

Saw this on TechCrunch and thought of Olive12 and S-Hooks. Since you two are the creative types, I bet you guys could do something seriously fun with this site.

Olive, this is a way for you to create one of your wacky & hilarious stories and publish it online! Goodbye little spiral bound notebooks - hello fame! You're bound to become famous now!!!

All you have to do is upload your images (photos, drawings, etc) then add fun things like "speech bubbles", change the fonts and layouts and publish it. You can add your comiqs to your blog too!

I played around with it tonight, it's fun! Check it out!!
Check it out:

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Saturday, February 09, 2008

Cheddar Jack Mac @ Applebees

We ate at Applebees tonight. Richie got fajitas and I tried a new dish called the Cheddar Jack Mac & Cheese. I wasn't really hungry and didn't want a whole bowl of this stuff so they made me a small side dish. OH YUMMY!!!!!! It's the creamiest mac & cheese, with just a hint of heat from the Jack cheese. Then they throw chicken on top (grilled or chicken finger-style). Yummo. I just got a tiny, little side dish and was stuffed...can't imagine a whole bowl full.
Give it a try next time you're at Applebees!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Finally no more talk about the Perfect Season!