Sunday, January 23, 2011

Monon Trail & Central Midland Trace Trails in Westfield, Indiana

Everyone has heard of the Monon Trail, which is a multi-use trail system running from Westfield through Carmel and all the way to downtown Indianapolis. It's an awesome trail for biking, walking, running and general enjoyment. I like riding my bike from Westfield south through Carmel then on down to Broad Ripple. It's a long ride but easy with very few hills. I'm happy to report, the Monon is expanding north from 161st St up to St Rd 32 as we speak!

Also, soon to open, is the first completed leg of the Central Midland Trace Trial. This new trail system is opening from downtown Westfield east to Hazel Dell Parkway. Once completed, the 7+ mile Midland Trace Trail will run from Sheridan to Westfield to Noblesville! Some are calling this the East/West version of the Monon. :)

This trail system follows the old path of the Central Indiana Railway, dubbed the Midland in the 1920's. The trail will link up with the Monon and head east. Its plans show it crossing over two old iron truss bridges, which are not in operation today.

Possibly the best part? It's going to run right through my neighborhood! No more hauling the bike to the trail. I can just hop on it from my house and go anywhere I want! How awesome is that? Wanna see a map of the proposed trails in Hamilton County? Ok!


Kobi said...

Hi, just an FYI, the Midland Trail goes east-west so it doesn't go to Sheridan. The Monon is the one that goes up to Sheridan. (unless you meant it goes up to Sheridan because it connects to the Monon).

The Midland hopefully will go all the way to Jolietville where it goes a little bit north and then heads to Boone county - probably will be a long time until anything happens there... sure would be nice if it would go to Lebanon one day...

Andrea said...

Sorry Kobi, I saw a sign for Midland outside of Sheridan in Boone county and just called it Sheridan since it wasn't all that far from there.

Are you a trail user?

Anonymous said...

When will Noblesville start working on White river bridge portion of trail ? thx