Tuesday, July 05, 2011

The Casey Anthony Verdict

Right now I feel like cussing a blue streak. Maybe even make up a few really awful yet awesome, filthy cuss words of my own. But in reality, I'm at a loss for words.

Very rarely am I caught up in "current events" but I couldn't help but get completely wrapped up in the Casey Anthony trial. It was riveting at times. Her web of lies was unbelievable.

The stench of a dead body in Casey Anthony's car, after she and her daughter have been missing for weeks, I guess that's not enough.

Her complete lack of concern for her "abducted/drowned/missing" daughter.

Not Guilty.

Wait. What did she just say? Not. Guilty?

How? Why? What about that little baby girl, thrown in a swamp, duct tape over her nose and mouth and thrown in a trash bag.

Only a few, non-family related events have left me stunned, angry, sad, shocked, numbed.

  • The obvious, 9-11-01: Nothing will ever compare to that day and I hope to never see another day like that in our country in my lifetime.
  • 8-31-97: The day Lady Diana died.
  • 7-5-11: A not guilty verdict in the Casey Anthony trial

Of course, I would never minimize the affect 9/11 had on me by comparing that day to the day Lady Di died or when Casey Anthony was found not guilty.

There is no comparison of these events, except for the way these events knocked me off my feet. Made me sit, stare blankly, with no words.

I'm dumbfounded. Confused. Silent.

I just can't explain it. And all I can do is think about that little girl. Caylee Marie Anthony.

This may sound completely sick. But I believe Caylee is the winner here. She's with God. In Heaven. Away from a mother who may have loved her at one time, but surely never loved her enough.