Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Superbowl Jobs in Indianapolis

Are you interested in working at the Superbowl in Indianapolis?    Knowledge Services is hiring!!

Here are some of the roles for which we are interviewing:

Concierge/City Ambassadors
This role is a good fit for individuals with a  high energy level who like to interface with high end clients. Ambassadors are responsible for interacting with the teams’ families, well-known global company executives who are involved in the NFL, and other football teams who are sending representatives to Indianapolis for the Super Bowl.

Administrative Assistants  
These individuals will assist and provide support for Gameday Management and their clients at the Super Bowl in a wide variety of tasks throughout their stay in Indy! Since responsibilities can vary greatly, this position may require one who has lots of energy, flexibility, and the ability to interact different types of people.

Shuttle Bus Coordinators
The role of a Shuttle Bus Coordinator is very important.  Many visitors will need to use a variety of shuttle bus systems in order to navigate Indianapolis, which can be tricky if one is unfamiliar with Indianapolis. Therefore, shuttle bus coordinators will be trained to act as liaisons for the shuttle bus network and to help event attendees reach their destinations throughout the city.

Parking Operations Coordinators
As one can imagine, Indianapolis is going to be PACKED during all of the Super Bowl activities.  This big event is more than just a 1 day show! Lots of people will be visiting our city throughout the weeks before the big game.  Parking Operations Coordinators will be responsible for assisting in parking, ensuring vehicles get parked correctly, helping to answer related questions, and  acting as a liaison for our city.

Overall , know that each of these roles is important.  Those individuals who fill them will interact with visitors to our city and will leave lasting impressions of Indianapolis.

Which position is a good fit for you?  You now have the ball.  Run with it – straight to TouchdownJobs.com!