Thursday, February 03, 2011

Snowpocalypse 2011 - A Report from Indiana

Did you survive Snowpocalypse 2011? I did and I loved every minute of it.

Weather is so interesting to me - all kinds of weather. I love it when the wind howls, snow flies, torrential rain falls and lightning bounces off storm clouds over my head. I've always said I want to ride out a little cat 2 or 3 hurricane and one day I'm gonna do it, people, I'm warnin' ya now.

So Snowpocalypse had been hyped for days and days. Honestly, I didn't think it was going to amount to much. You know how weather people are. They get us weather junkies all excited about inclement weather, then it fizzles out and nothing happens. I was happy to see Snowpocalypse taking shape and moving our way. By Monday morning, it looked like a sure thing! How fun!!!

So Monday evening, around 5pm, it starts raining and the temps dropped. In about 30 minutes my car was completely covered in ice - time to bring the baby in the garage for the great thaw.

Sleet fell all night long! No I mean ALL night long. By 11pm, there was at least 3, maybe 4 inches of sleet balls piled up everywhere. Walking down the driveway and into the street was like walking on sand. You could kick it up in the air, move it around with your foot, slide through it but in no way could you pack it into a tight little snowball.

Of course, I took pictures!

Tuesday, or day 2, started out pretty uneventful. No precip in the air. However by early afternoon, the sleet had started again and it went on and on and on!! I've never seen so much sleet. We got another 3 or 4 inches of the little iceballs from Heaven. By Tuesday night, the sleet hurt your face pretty bad when you stood out in it for any length of time.

The scene from the front porch looked like this! It was really pretty!!

Then day 3, well everything was encased in ice! Literally. Cars had several inches of ice built up on them, driveways were impassable, and yet, my beloved Westfield Street Crew was out clearing the streets. They worked tirelessly, even coming through this little ol neighborhood.

The solar light I have hanging on the back porch shows you just what the poor thing had to endure from this beast of a storm!

Of course, you can't keep a weather junkie in the house ... this ol gal had to venture out and see what the world looked like! Here are some of the scenes around Carmel, Indiana.

Carmel Policeman Statue, almost as if he's frozen in time.
I tried to tell this ballerina to get some clothes on but she was just way too into her dance to listen!
Snowy, wintery scene from Main Street, Carmel Indiana
The Monon Trail, pretty much deserted!
A tent at the new Carmel Palladium collapsed under the weight of all the sleet.
Not sure the cardboard & Target bags accomplished what this person was going for, but I applaud their effort.
The Carmel boys in blue were out protecting and serving.
So now we're back to normal Indiana winter weather. Boring!!!! Bring on the next blizzard!!!


boneman said...

Cap'n Dan on top of that mast in a blinding storm, edge of a hurricane, shaking his fist at the sky and screaming out, "You call this a STORM!? BRING IT ON!"

(Gary Senise was quite convincing)

Liz said...

You Indiana folks just aren't use to that kind of snow, are you. Us Northern Michigan folks get it so often, that it isn't a big deal.

My sister-in-law is in Brownsburg and she said it was quite the "event." We were supposed to get a bunch of snow up here, but it stayed well to the south of us.