Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Our Must See List

Magic Man & I spend far too much time watching the Discovery and Science channels. As a result, we've learned some really cool things, have seen some awesome places and have created a list of MUST SEE places on Earth. We don't really like calling it a BUCKET LIST because let's face it - that does have a rather negative connotation, right?

We've had Dubai on our must see list for a long time. Let's examine this easy little equation. Gas is $3.19 a gallon. Dubai is in an oil rich country. What should they do? Oh I know! Build some outrageous stuff! Our pals in Dubai are doing just that -- time and time again.

We aren't hatin' on the people of Dubai - they are very creative people and willing to push engineering to its very edge! There's so much interesting construction going on there. Just do a little 'ol Google search on construction in Dubai and you'll see all the projects they've got in process or completed.

Check out Palm Island. Totally man-made by pumping sand from miles out in the ocean into this shape. It constantly erodes and has to be repumped to keep its shape all the time. There are 2 or 3 other islands like the Palm that have been built too. And get this!!! You can see these islands from space - with just your plain 'ol eyesight! Who would ever attempt this other than those wacky and inventive Dubaians?
Then there's the Burj Tower - a whopping 2,950 feet tall (or maybe higher) and 220-some odd floors! Yiiiiiikes! Not sure I'll actually be able to go to the top of this thing. That's up there, folks! But what a sight to see, right? Oh and not to be outdone, the architects who created this masterpiece have kept their plans under wraps so if anyone comes along in another city with plans to build a bigger tower, they can just add a few more floors to out-do whoever is trying to take their cake. Yeeowza!

Let's not leave out Sunny Mountain Ski Dome. It's a true winter experience with REAL SNOW in an indoor facility. Temps will be kept at a frigid +10°c. Open year round, it will provide a real winter experience to those in Dubai. You can ski down a revolving ski slope (huh???), view its indoor mountain range, take a stroll across an ice bridge, get lost in an ice maze or just kick back and dine is its fine eating establishments. Oh, they'll have polar bears in there too. I wanna go! I wanna go!

Start savin' your pennies - there's a big ol world out there to see. Let's hit the road!


Jen said...

The Today Show did a live shot from there this past summer. It looks so kick ass. I bet that would be one expensive trip!! Start saving now!

Andrea said...

Yeah you're right about the expense. Can't imagine the cost! We might have to move it to the actual "bucket list" hehehe

Bitzky77 said...

I'm planning on going to Japan instead of Dubai. Maybe a little cheaper AND they have karaoke! Wanna go with me sometime in the next couple of years???

Andrea said...

Heck yes! Rich would love to go to Japan too. He was born there. Did you know that?

alli-gal said...

I didn't know Rich was born in Japan. Was he an army brat?

I would LOVE to see Dubai!! I have gotten e-mails about those places before.

Now, help me out.....I need something really cool to do in the US because of the passport backup. Ryan and I are sitting on a nice tax check and researching some cool vacations to take......give me some ideas!!!

Andrea said...

Alligal, the passport back up isn't that long. Only took a couple of weeks for my friend to get hers.

However.....since you're thinking of traveling in the US here are some of my "to do" vacations:

Vermont to get in some snow skiing and take in the views the NE has to offer.

NYC just to see all the sights.

Arizona to check out Havasupai Falls. There's tons to do and see in Arizona (plus it's not horribly hot there now).

Niagra Falls, been there done that but was too young to know how to plan a vacation - so I have to go back.

Montana to see some real mountains.

Wait til Labor Day weekend and head to Seattle to attend the Bumbershoot Festival of Music and Art.

Alaska to see the northern lights and glaciers and bears and seals and .... the list goes on for Alaska.

You could go to Waco Texas to visit the compound of that crazy guy that had a standoff with the government and hit the Dr Pepper Museum while you're there.

Ok those are just SOME of my To Do vacations.

Andrea said...

Oh, to answer your question. Yes! Rich's dad was an air force guy....a General or something anyway, career airforce.

Rich has lived all over the country as well as Japan and Germany.

Andrea said...

If you're looking for cheap airfare checkout www.Skybus.com. They don't fly out of Indy yet but it's a short drive to Columubus OH to catch a cheap flight!