Friday, May 02, 2008

Here's the Incline Railway.

It's the steepest railway in the world climbing an amazing 72.7% grade up the side of the mountain. The residents who live on Lookout Mountain actually use this railway when it's slick out and they can't drive down the mountain to Nooger. Sitting in the car, it's really not scary. It looks crazy when you're at the top of the mountain looking down or at the bottom looking up, but in the actual railcar, you lose that perspective. It was fun, I'm glad we did it for the experience. Anyone going to Lookout Mountain should jump a ride on the railway!

The view from the top of the mountain, inside the railway car. The red X shows the bottom of the mountain and were the car stops. You can catch the railway at the top or the bottom of the mountain.

This is the bottom of the mountain, they let you off and there's an ice cream shop, pizza shop and a magic shop (you know Rich loved that). You can roam around as long as you want and hop the railway when you're ready to go back up. It runs about every 10 or 15 minutes and only takes a few minutes to get back up to the top.

Tennessee Aquarium

So as part of our package, we went to the Tennessee Aquariums - yep there are 2! One is a river aquarium showing all the wildlife in the rivers around Tennessee and around the world. Then there's an Ocean Aquarium that, well you get it, shows all kinds of stuff from oceans around the world.

We started in the Ocean Aquarium. Here are the penquins...aren't they just too cute!

They have a huge tank with several BIG sharks. We called this one Big Dog McSharkerson
because he just swam around at a leisurely pace, he totally owned that tank and he knew it!

Rich checking out Big Dog

Ok, we can go eat dinner now, just please don't eat Nemo!

The river aquarium was nice too. They had some huge catfish in there and some interesting turtles I would never want to run into in a lake. But it was kind of boring to me, so I won't bore you with any pictures of it.

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