Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I am a regular reader of a website called Smashing Magazine.

They recently announced a photography contest. They wanted to start a gallery of texture pictures. They didn't care what the texture was but the picture submitted had to be a certain number of pixels wide, other than that, there weren't many rules. The winner of the contest was chosen at random and won a nice Canon camera. Unfortunately I didn't win the camera but one of my pictures got selected to be on the site!! (shooks has a pic published too - put her first & last name in the search box on the site and you'll find her entry!)

They said far more than 2000 pictures were submitted so I think it's pretty cool that both of us ended up getting something published! The picture they selected of mine is Nilla Wafers, check it out in the Food section.



Olive_12 said...

Cool, man! That's friggin' awesome and shtuff. =D

s-hooks said...

They finally fixed the link to mine today!