Thursday, May 01, 2008

Rock City
We started our day at Rock City on Tuesday. Let me tell you, Rock City is absolutely amazing!!!! We didn't know what to expect, maybe some cool views atop the mountian and a lot of walking. It was a lot of walking but very easy.

You take a self guided tour through Rock City on limestone pathways through walkways carved out of the mountain. It's too hard to describe and so beautiful. I'd go back to Chattanooga just to go there again. We loved it!

After a considerable drive up the side of Lookout Mountain, we're finally here! I didn't think about it but I should have taken a picture of .... you guessed it ...... STARBUCKS right across the street from Rock City. Is nothing sacred for Starbucks????

This is the ticket gate at Rock City, isn't it cute!

At the ticket counter, they give you a map but you don't really need it. There are signs throughout Rock City that keep you headed in the right direction. Below, we just entered through the gates and we're about to enter the "Grand Corridor". It was pretty grand, I must admit. Unfortunately pictures don't do this justice.

About to enter Goblin's Underpass...weeeeuuuuuuuuu I'm scared!

Some of the walkways were really narrow, even had to walk sideways at times.

Another cool walkway at Rock City

Me in Fat Man Squeeze, Rock City

Here Rich is walking across the swing bridge. Boy did it move as you walked across it, so of course, I had to swing it back and forth and make it bounce up and down.

These lunatics were installing a beautiful eagle statue on the side of the mountain at Rock City. Notice how close they are to the edge and have NO safety ropes on whatsoever. Hello mountian men, we come from the flatlands of Indiana, we call that dangerous!

As we exited a dark tunnel, we were greeted by this beautiful entrance to Observation Point . I loved the colors of the rock contrasting with the darkness of the tunnel.

Lover's Leap, this is where you can see 7 States all at once.

Rich on Lover's Leap. BTW, he refused to jump so I'm
questioning his love for me...wouldn't you?

Seven States Map at Ruby Falls, Lookout Mountain

The waterfall at Lover's Leap

Another angle of the falls at Lover's Leap

They've got these Gnomes sitting everywhere and have little displays of them doing different things. I thought this moonshinin' gnome was especially creepy!

The Infamous See Rock City Birdhouse (we got a small, Christmas ornament sized one and it's hanging on our rear view mirror.


alli-gal said...

That little gnome IS really creepy. That looks like such a cool place. Maybe I could talke Ryan into going there.

Andrea said...

You should go, it's super close and there's tons to do.

s-hooks said...

Okay, I'm starting here...

s-hooks said...

Yes, Rock City is fun!

I will definitely be taking the boys there when they're bigger.