Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bored? Need something to do? Try TYPERACER! It's a "game" where you are given a block of text and you're timed on how fast you can type it. You can race other people out there which makes it even more fun! So far I'm up to 90 words per minute!!


Olive_12 said...

I con't type very fast 'cause I have to look at the frickin' keyboard. I just can't seem to get out of that habit. Even when they taught us in Copmuter apps.
Oh well.

Bitzky77 said...

I blame text messaging for poor typing skills these days. Bc when u start typng words lk ths it bcums a habt.

My first try was 54wpm.

Fun game. Gonna work at it some more.

enN2sp said...

keeps my fingers limber. the las one I got was 65 wpm.

s-hooks said...

Cool! I'm putting this one in my favs!