Friday, May 02, 2008

Point Park - Lookout Mountain: This is where the Battle of Chickamauga took place. I think that was the 1800's. Thousands of men died in this infamous battle between the north and the south. This State park is high on top Lookout Mountain and offers spectacular views of Chattanooga.

View of Chattanooga from the cannon's point of view

Lining up my shot, I think I can get Chattanooga from here!

Get out of the way, soldier!

After getting in the way of my cannonball,
one unfortunate soldier had to spend a little time in the pokey!

What the heck, I'll spring you from the big house, Magic Man!

Careful! It's a long way down
according to this sign, you could really hurt your butt on a rock!

Yeah, that's us! We took this using the timer on my camera.

We met 2 very nice older couples who were there together. One gal volunteered to take our picture. As she was lining up the shot, Rich & I were acting like we were falling over the cliff, didn't know she snapped that shot of us goofing around.

Here's the serious shot she took of us. Great shot! Thank you whatever your name was!


alli-gal said...

I like the "don't fall on your butt" sign.....made me LOL!!!!

boneman said...

and, I'm waiting for the video.

(gosh...hope he makes his before I make mine....)

s-hooks said...

Thank you whatever your name was!!