Friday, May 02, 2008

I took hundreds of pictures as you can imagine.

The hotel recommended a BBQ joint in downtown Nooger - Sticky Fingers - and even gave us a coupon for some free wings at this place. So we jumped in the truck and headed downtown. The food was awesome, not many people there. After eating we drove around to see what the city had to offer. I had done a ton of research before going down so I knew what I was looking for, but Rich didn't know anything about the city.

The Tennessee River runs right through downtown, they have built a really nice riverwalk and park. On one side of the river there are all kinds of cool shops and places to eat. They've got a walking bridge across the river that connects downtown to that cool area of town on. Lots of Nooger-ites use this bridge for exercise it seems, there were lots of people out there exercising including a man that looked to be about 100 years old jogging on that bridge!

Here are some pics around the river:

Sunset on the Tennessee River

Walking Bridge over the Tennessee River

Coolidge Park, there's a very neat carousel in that building

The Art Museum on the river in downtown Nooger

Curvy sidewalk that leads down to the river from the art museum.

Condos on the river

A riverboat with lots of "red hat society" ladies on it

Cool lamp on the walking bridge


alli-gal said...

I really like that first picture of Rich. And the sunset over the river is beautiful!!!

s-hooks said...

Did you say "Nooger Sticky Fingers"?

I think you just named my band!