Tuesday, January 16, 2007

We did a bunch of cleaning around here and I found this old notebook that dates back before I met Rich. I was dating a guy who had a cute teenage daughter named Mimi. She was so sweet but had such a rough life with a mom who couldn't function without a man - even if that man (or men) beat her to a pulp. She lived in a tent one whole summer - she confessed to me one time. Her dad was an alcoholic (ah, the reason I dumped him) so he was no help.

Mimi had few good influences in her life and I sure tried to be one of them. I wrote this with her in mind after I broke it off with her dad.

Last I heard from Mimi, she was in nursing school, paid for by her Aunt and Uncle. I hope her life is happy now.

A Poem for Mimi

Walking through a world
of confusion and chaos
Along a path scattered
with broken promises and hearts
I found a rose about to bloom
It's fragile petals so soft
and easily damaged
It's beauty hiding a soul
needing tenderness and care.
I loved that rose and protected it
Cradling it with my hands and heart.
Then with all my love and work inside it
I released my hands.
Just as the rose began to bloom
and a tear fell from my eye
to nourish it.


enN2sp said...

That is a very good poem!

I hope she's doing well.

s-hooks said...

Oh my gosh! Love it! The tear part is my favorite.

Maybe she'll read this someday and know it's from you.

allison said...

Do you have any way of contacting her? If I were her, I'd be thrilled to hear from you now.

Your poetry is beautiful. I love writing...whether it's poetry or just my thoughts...I have journals and notebooks all over the house. I write about everything.