Friday, January 26, 2007

Ivan in Camden, New Jersey

Camden, New Jersey - or Murder City as it's known - was featured tonight on 20/20. They profiled children growing up in poverty right here in the US. They followed several kids, but this little guy really broke my heart. So innocent and has no choice in where he lives -- or more like, doesn't live. Most of the time Ivan, his mother and little brother have no where to live and go all day without eating.

I want him to come live with me. If that can't happen, I'm at least going to help out by sending money to him through his church - which they also showed on the show.

Warning - the video is only part of what they showed about Ivan and it'll break your heart, but there is hope because we can all do something to help the poor children in our own country and community. I'm done thinking about it - and crying over TV shows. I'm going to help change someone's life and I'm going to start with Ivan Stevens in Camden, New Jersey.


enN2sp said...

I really wanted to see that.

TapeEar came home from school yeasterday with a fever and she had the chills.

I laid down with her to warm her up and I guess we fell asleep.

I woke up just as it was going off.

Andrea said...

They asked Ivan and all the kids what they would wish for if they could get anything they wanted. He said he wants a house with his own room and chocolate pudding and bread and nice curtains.

Ouch...that kills me.

enN2sp said...

Poor kid. I wouldn't wish that on any kid in the world.

s-hooks said...

I can't watch it right now because I already have a throbbing headache, and I know it'll make me bawl like a baby to watch something so sad. I won't be able to function.

Andrea, I'm so glad you are helping him. I wish I had the resources to do something like that. All I can do is pray for him, and I will.

I've had the same feeling. Like I just wanted to go get that poor baby on tv and save him/her from hardship. It just breaks your heart.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to give him a room with curtains and sit on his bed with him while he eats some chocolate pudding and bread!?!

Let us know what happens with that little sweetie, ok?

Andrea said...

I emailed his preacher but haven't heard from him yet. I'll call this week. If I have to call ABC to get some pudding and bread to this little guy - that's what I'm going to do.

When I'm rich, I'm going to focus on poor Children. I may start my own non-profit. Who knows!

alli-gal said...

You Should start some kind of non-profit organization!!!

You'd be so good at that!! I know how good it makes me feel to help out with the non-profit animal organization, so I'm sure it would be very fulfilling to know you're helping change lives.

Surely, if they're involved in a church, they'll get help fom the church members too. People can be absolutely amazing when something moves them!!!

Andrea said...

I really would like to start or get involved in a children's non-profit. One of our clients is a large non-profit and could help me connect with the kind of org. I want to participate in.

Poor Ivan, his preacher hasn't contacted me yet. ABC hasn't either. Why run a show like this and then make it so difficult for people to help.

Their church has been helping them. Giving them places to stay. One place let them sleep there but chained and padlocked the fridge so they couldn't get to the food. The church was trying to help them find a place to live and helped the mom with money and food - as much as they can. This town is full of poor people and I'm sure they aren't the only family needing help. If I have to drive to New Jersey to find this kid, that's what I'll do.

s-hooks said...

Let's hope they've been flooded with calls, and just haven't had a chance to get back to you because of the huge response.

lohneslink said...

You can contact the Reverend at and he knows about Ivan and his situation. I just spoke with the pastor and they have so many needs. I am targeting Ivan and his mom and sibling to assist them with food, clothing, housing. The pastor is taking Precious to see an apt. on the outskirts of the city today but it is EXPENSIVE (like $2400 just to get her into the apt.). You can make donations on the website or straight to Precious and Ivan through the minister. I'm glad to know someone else was as moved to help as I was by that show.

Andrea said...

lohneslink - thanks for replying on my blog. I am going to help Ivan and his family too. I fell in love with that little guy. Wish I could bring him here to live with me! Such a sweet little, innocent guy.

I emailed the preacher but he must have been flooded. I'll call them.

Thanks for the tip!