Friday, January 12, 2007

These are for Jenny....some of my
unpublished pictures from VEGAS baby!!

Here's a float as it enters the casino riding a track on the ceiling

A giant face float

The boat float

Another float with a bunch of dancers

Here's a picture outside the Paris hotel

More from the Paris Hotel
(you won't believe how realistic the sky is INSIDE this hotel)


Andrea said...

Jenny, if you make it to the Rio, be sure you go upstairs to watch the floats. You'll have a birdseye view and it's way easier to catch the beads they throw at ya.

s-hooks said...

I love floats!

Hey, my Dad went to Vegas a few years ago, and he said every time they left the hotel he was approached by "call girls" (hookers) right in front of his wife. They were passing out flyers for where they "work." ;) I think prostitution is legal there, but I didn't think it was like that!! Anyone else had this experience? I think I'd have a hard time not womping on some ghetto hooker trying to get my man right in front of me!

On the other hand, it might just be funny...guess it depends on how many I've had to drink!

Although it looks like a blast, Las Vegas wouldn't be high on my list of places I'd like to visit right now. I think I'd like to go some day after my kids are grown. Maybe with my cousins~now that would be fun!

Andrea said...

We were approached by people carrying pictures and "trading cards" with half naked chicks on them. I don't think any hookers came up to us at all. Just the guys carrying flyers trying to get us to go see the hookers.

Jen said...

Yikes! I don't like all this hooker talk! I will be on the lookout for them!

I am definitly going to the Rio. Your pictures are really cool. I'm sure that a ton of beads would go with any outfit that I am wearing.

I read about this buffet in the Rio that has chefs cooking right in front of you. Did you see that? Looks really cool. That is really the only buffet that I am interested in. Buffets kind of freak me out with all the germs around, but I have to indulge in one.

I got more books today at the library about Vegas. I'm going to be pissing my pants on the plane b/c I'm so excited about going. I hope that it all lives up to my expectations. I'm sure that it will though. It is the Entertainment Capital of the World after all.

Andrea said...

We ate at a mexican restaurant in the Rio - really good! We only did the buffet at the Paris hotel and Flamingo hotel for breakfast only.

Don't forget Battistas.....GREAT Italian food!

allison said...

We found cards advertising hookers stuck in all the fences around the construction sites and all over the bus stops. Some of those little cards just lined the streets. I never saw anyone that I confirmed was a hooker for sure, but i saw a few chicks I wasn't too sure about!!!

There will be lots of guys pushing for the girls though.....lots of flyers and little cards being handed out everywhere you go!!!

Andrea said...

Sarah, you'd be surprised how family friendly Vegas is. It's like a giant amusement park.

s-hooks said...


Well, we could do that. Of course, I'd be taking my two sweet precious little treasures to SIN CITY! Ha ha ha!

I wonder how that'd go over with the g'parents!!! :O