Friday, January 05, 2007

The perfect boiled egg.

How many times have you boiled eggs only to end up struggling to get the shell off? Don't you hate the tiresome battle, picking off little pieces of shell.

Struggle no more! I have found the way to make a perfect boiled egg. It works like magic.

First, start with cold water. Put your eggs in cold water, bring the water to a boil. When it starts to boild, time it. Between 8-12 minutes will do it (shorter for softer yokes). Immediately remove the egg and place it in a bowl of ice water. Let them sit there a minute or two (not tooooo long).

The egg shrinks away from the shell and it's so easy to remove - most of the time the shell splits in half and you can slip each end off.

It's revolutionized eggs in my house....and there's nothing better than boiled eggs cut up with plenty of butter and salt!



allison said...

Don't you wish you could get rich somehow off of these kinds of discoveries?!?!?

I thought I needed some sort of official credit when I realized that if you roll the bottom of your shirt up a little before you put it on, you will never have those trashy deodorant marks on the outside of your shirt, but no one wants to pay me....they just thank me for the advise and walk around with their clean shirts on like they're really something!!!!

Jen said...

You girls have the best ideas! They should be pattened.

Andrea said...

Here's a tip:

If you do accidently get deoderant on your shirt - take a pair of panty hose and rub it on the deoderant. It'll come right off!

enN2sp said...

Here's a tip:
When making a cake Put your beaters through a paper plate,slide it down as far as you can. . . No splatter on your counter or anything around it.

s-hooks said...

Great ideas!

allison said...

We are all so smart!!!!