Monday, November 06, 2006

We're Here! Back in Destin for our fall vacation. We came down on Saturday, spent the night in Montgomery AL on Sat night. Drove on down to Destin on Sunday. We didn't get our condo until Monday so we had to stay in a hotel last night. It was decent, a Ramada Inn with a GLIMPSE of the Gulf.

We got in the condo this afternoon. It was nice here, 75 degrees but windy as heck. Also just a hint of the sun from time to time. The gulf was super rough. There were some surfer guys out trying to catch a wave. We watched them from our balcony.

Here are some of today's pictures:

Little Grass Gulf Shack

Our Living Room for the Week

Our Living Room View of the Gulf

Rich Feeding the Seagulls
(birds freak me out)

We're having a great time! They are predicting thunderstorms tomorrow. I hope I get to see a good thunderstorm roll in over the water. Some lightning strikes into the ocean would make for some great pictures. I'll keep my fingers crossed and keep you posted!

More later.....


allison said...

Those birds can be ruthless!!! i had one try to steel a cheeto right out of my hand last time I was in Florida....I STILL have nightmares!!!!

enN2sp said...

Kewl Pics, can't wait for more.

Have you been to your advice blog lately?