Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween is a lot of fun around here. We decorate the outside of the house with scary goblins and ghouls. This year Rich took it to a new level. We bought a big picture for our garage door. Here's a picture of it.
Kellie and Brian came trick or treating. Brian was a monster in a cape and Kellie was a medical assistant (she came dressed in her scrubs from school). It was fun. We got some cute little trick or treaters and the usual round of creepy characters.
Rich and I heckled the Green Bay Packer trick or treater - he was probably 15. I told him we are BEARS fans and the Packers don't get no candy at our house! I think he believed me for a second. It was fun talking to all the kids.
How did you guys spend Halloween?


Jenny said...

I was really disapointed with the turn out of trick or treaters in our neighborhood. Almost all of our neighbors had their lights turned out and most of the kids left the subdivision to go elsewhere. Probably b/c all the neighbors had their lights out!! I don't blame them. We had some kids and adults come to our house and were very greedy too. One group took handfuls of candy. How rude! We had a lot more trick or treaters up in SB. We used to sit out on our stoop b/c there were so many kids. It was fun. So, overall, I have to say that I was disapointed with my Halloween experience here in Lafayette. Oh, one more thing....Lafayette doesn't establish hours to trick or treat. So, we still had kids ringing our door bell at 9:00pm...give me a break! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

enN2sp said...

It was our last Trick-or-Treating forever:o{
The girls say they are to old to go next year. They were both Hobo's they looked funny Amanda had an old pare of pant of my 200lb. nephew and so did Olivia, I was dress as a Hostess Twinkie(I wore white jeans and a white sweatshirt- I was the cream filling of my costume.)
I love going!
I will have to adopt someone to go with.

Anyway we hope to be giving out FULL size candy next year. We got that idea form (Someone).

Andrea said...

Hmmmmmmmmm who was that?

You'll love answering the door. You get to see tons of kids. They're funny.

One kid last night said, "can i have one of those (pointing at some gummy graveyard thing) and I said .. sure. He said can I have two? I said sure. He said, can I have a sucker too?

He eyed all the candy and wasn't afraid to ask for what he wanted, rather than accept whatever was handed to him. What a kid! I liked his courage.

Hey Enn2Sp! You could be the house that everyone wants to go to. They'll say that fun lady lives there. So dress up every year anyway and decorate your house real scary and you'll get lots of T or T'ers.

It's not the end, it's the beginning!

s-hooks said...

We had a good time Trick or Treating this year with the munchkins.

I have to say, Halloween sure was fun back when I lived over on Market St. We had all the crazy kids from the 'hood stopping by.

Jenny, don't let them reach in-you should pass the candy out. I like to base it on how much I enjoy their costumes. :)

boneman said...

scary, boys and girls!
Close yer eyes....

allison said...

I worked on Halloween. Unfortunately, my Geisha costume was a little too much for work, so I used the re-gifted chicken hat I got at Christmas last year, and I was "Chicken Head" for work.

I didn't think it would be as funny as it was to people, but they said all kinds of things to me. One person made me laugh when they asked if I had the bird flu...I thought that was pretty good!!!!