Friday, November 10, 2006

Here's a couple of pictures of Rich by the boat he wants


Jill Anne said...

Looks like a great mid-life crisis purchase! Go for it!

allison said...

Wow!!! i thought Rich was a pretty big guy until I saw him next to that boat!!!

Tell him Happy Birthday from me & Ryan!!!!

boneman said...

it ain't really big enough, eh?

Now, the cruiser y'all sent me pictures of is more his speed!
Four bedrooms in a boat really tells y'alot about the size, eh?
Two bathrooms. A full kitchen and a dining area with a CHANDELIER!?!
It makes this one seem like a spare.

In any case, there's a disc fer y'guys when y'get back in the mask over the front door.

The new "toy" is interesting, but, has some really goofy glitches...
and it forever pops up boxes about how it's keeping the drives clean of viruses.
Guess that would be a bit more impressive if it was actually hooked up, eh?
So, what is it thinking? That I'm impressed with its diligence?

Ah, crazy 'puters.

Hurry home fer presents.

s-hooks said...

Happy Belated! Hope you get your flourescent boat!