Tuesday, November 21, 2006

My dad had the cyst on his neck removed yesterday. It's sore but it's healing. He looks like a stranger without that knot!
If you want to email him a get well wish, check your email. I sent you all his address. He would love getting messages from you guys.
Talk to ya later!


enN2sp said...

Going to that here in a minute.

Poor Papaw, He's sore and swollen

allison said...

I talked to Grammy today, and it sounded like things went well. I hope he's feeling better soon!!! I'll send him a get well wish right now!!!

s-hooks said...

Aww..poor Uncle Dale. I knew that was coming up. I'll send him an email right now.

Ari has a toy that he calls "Uncle Dale." Did I tell you guys that already? I'll try and remember to bring it on Thanksgiving. It's funny!

Andrea said...

Thanks everyone! Yesterday my dad was kind of sad because no one had called to check on him. Even though he's quiet and doesn't stick around at family functions very long, he loves the family and wants everyone to care about him as much as he does all of us.

THANKS, everyone for making him feel extra special!

Andrea said...

I can't wait to see the Uncle Dale toy!!!!