Monday, April 24, 2006

My love of everything gaudy may have hit an all time high
(or low depending how you look at it).
I had a muted, dull colored Martha Stewart shower curtain.
See below.
It's never really been my style.

I usually like things bright and cheery. So I took down the dull Martha Stewart and replaced it with this $15.99 Walmart "so bright it's blinding" shower curtain.

When you walk by this bathroom now, it's almost startling. But...hey it wasn't expensive and I can change it in a heartbeat if I decide I don't like it.

What do you guys think, has my love for gaud gone too far?


Kellie said...

You know, I wasn't going to say anything, but I never did think that shower curtain fit your personality! I LOVE the new one! Can't wait to see it in person!

And does that mean you are going to paint in there again?

boneman said...

I don't understand.
I would have thought you'de go with MORE color.

s-hooks said...

Wow, that's loud!

I think the first one is cool, but I can totally understand wanting to change it up. The new curtain has a spring flava to it!! :)

It is gaudy alright, but I don't think you've gone too far...especially if you love it. That's all that matters.

Of course, I have no room to talk about gaud, you've seen my house!

allison said...

I love bright colors!!! I think your new shower curtain is awesome!!! it would definitely help me wake up in the mornings. I like it much better than the old one!!!

boneman said...

Uh, like, I know ya love the colors and all, and that yer always tellin' me t'back away from the bloggin',....but,well.
This here was posted in the middle of April and it be May, now....
(hint, hint)