Monday, April 03, 2006

I get up for work at 6:30. Before Saturday night's time change, I always awoke to the beautiful sunrise and birdies singing. Now...thanks to Eastern Standard time, I get up in the dark. It looks like winter when I get up. I don't like it, people!
I wany my hour back!


s-hooks said...

Me too! The last two nights I've put Ari to bed at almost 10 o'clock!!! We can't catch up with the new time! I just keep telling myself I'm not a bad mom, it's really 9 o'clock!

Andrea said...

At night I'm the same way. I went to bed at 1:30 last night and literally said to myself...well it's only 12:30 my time...that is until I have to get up at 6:30 their time tomorrow.

ROSIE said...

I think we ALL HATE the time change.
We didn't go to bed until way after Midnight.
We are just not use to it yet,
by the time we do get use to it - it will be time to change it back.

allison said...

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that is all screwed up from this time guys always know how to make me feel better!!!

boneman said...

Ya doesn't have to do it their way, folks. Just put yer clocks back to where they were and make a bond with yourself to always be an hour early to any place you are going to.

Actually, there was another option to do, but most countries just absolutely refused....The whole world would be on the same time always. At first, one worries about those who would actually call high noon the darkest time of the day, but, everyone in that region will get used to it soon enough, just as winter in deep South America is during June, July and August.

Yawn. So? What time is it, now?

Andrea said...

Boneman..if I pushed my clock back wouldn't that force me to do math every time I wanted to know what time it was?

Euuuu I hate math.

boneman said...

Nah. Y'don't really need the clock.
It's just a mental hook. Not a real hook.