Friday, April 14, 2006

Here are some pictures of the hail that hit our house just before 11pm tonight. It hailed so hard I thought out windows and skylights were going to crack!

Luckily I put my car and the truck in the garage so they didn't get damaged. That was some crazy hail storm!!


Olive_12 said...

o_0 wow! those r big!

enN2sp said...

great cool pics. as always.

s-hooks said...

Wow. I'm so glad we didn't get that here. We got lots of pouring rain and lightning.

Of course, Ari and I drove home shortly after 10 last night from Grammy's when the storm was the worst. We made it home ok, but I did get freaked out along the way.

boneman said...

How come these things can't happen when ya need ice at a party, anyway?

allison said...

Holy Cow!!!

I saw hail like that only one time when I was in Minnesota with Michael. It caused over $1500 worth of damage to my car.

I sure am glad we didn't get any of that around here!!!