Thursday, December 08, 2005

There's nothing like blowing and drifting snow to say .... "Winter's Here!!"


allison said...

Holy Cow!!!!
Every time it snows real hard, I think about the blizzard in 1978. I'm glad to have some pictures of helps me remember!!!

Andrea said...

Allison did you stay at our house in the blizzard of 78? I remember Brent and I were able to play in the street for the first time ever.

After the blizzard ended - all of the neighbors & their kids, me and mom, I think we pulled you on a sled - walked to Pizza Hut and ate lunch. Do you remember any of this? Maybe it was another snow storm.

allison said...

Yes, I was at your house during the blizzard. I remember the sled ride to Pizza Hut....I can't believe I remember that....It was 27 years ago. That means I'm gettin' old if I remember that far back!!!