Wednesday, December 14, 2005

As much as I love dachshund's - and as much as I really, really want one, I'm afraid my allergies will just drive me crazy. So I've been researching hypoallergenic dogs. Do they make em? Yep - they sure do! Labradoodles!!! They are a mix of labrador (one of the best dogs on the planet earth) and a poodle (ok not my favorite dog of all time).

What I'm reading is these dogs are bred specifically to eliminate the allergy factor!!! Now before you say - a lab and a poodle??????? ....check out how stinkin' cute these babies are!!!!!

The pictures below are from the breeder Yesteryearacres in Ohio (I think)
Check out this breeder's website:

I want one!!!!


s-hooks said...

Those little guys are so cute! I've heard of the labradoodle, but I didn't know they were hypoallergenic!

Just thinking about cats makes me sneeze...I wonder if they breed cats this way too!

Rosie said...

I Love them, I want one too. I've showed Brent pictures of them and he said they were cute. I found this site for s-hooks for cats,
It says something about why we are alergic and what breed.

Andrea said...

I showed Rich the pictures of the cute babies and now he's in love with them too. I'm going to try to find a breeder close by so I can go see them and see if my allergies go crazy. Plus I want to pick out a puppy - in person - not online. Who knows...we'll see I guess.

allison said...

I've heard lots of good things about labradoodles!!!

Most of it I have read online. I have never actually seen one in person, but they seem like they would have a good temperament.

My nieghbor has a poodle...we wnat to breed him with my female dachsund, and call them doxiedoodles....what do ya think?!?!?

Andrea said...

I think it's a great idea and I wonder if I'd be allergic???? A curly haired doxie would be darn cute!

I think I've actually seen doxie doodles online in all this doodle searching I've been doing.

s-hooks said...

If you're going out puppy shopping, make sure you know what to look for as far as temperment,etc. I'm sure there are websites that tell you this info. There are usually little tests you can do when you meet the dog, and their reaction can help you decide. Ok, here I found one:

I know you're not shopping for a working dog. Most of these go for all puppies, and just happened to be on the working dog website. Check it out!!

Andrea said...

Hey S-Hooks - thanks for the website, I'll check it out. Labradoodles are supposed to be like Labs - super easy going, easy to train and loveable. But there's a weirdo in every bunch, right?

We used to pick out our dogs by which one rolled over and wanted it's tummy scratched when we came in the room. That's how we picked out Sammy - a dog we got from Robby's dog Gypsy Roach (smile). She was the best dog we ever had.

I'll check out the site.

allison said...

OH I miss Roach.......I actually remember watching Dad take her in the car to have her put to sleep....she got was so sad.

Do you remember when I used to think her name was "get" because that's what everyone said to her when she got close to, I just started calling her "Get"

Poor dog...she only had three different names to keep track of!!!

Anonymous said...

We own a goldendoodle from yesteryear and I must say he is amazing. Just what you hear- smart, loyal, playfule, etc. Renee at yesteryear is fantastic, and stands by all of her pups.... a wise choice and dedicated breeder