Sunday, December 11, 2005

A challenge to the family:
This Christmas season,
as you wonder what to get Grammy ...
I'd like to challenge each cousin to buy Grammy a Kroger gift certificate.
Each year I get her a gift certificate for Christmas and her birthday too. When she runs out of money on her cards, she always mentions that she has to start buying groceries again out of her own money.
I know she would appreciate it if we all banded together and pitched in to buy her groceries for most of the year.
I'm going to try to get a $100.00 gift certificate for her for Christmas - which is tough to do but I'm going for it - I'll make more money.
I know that's not possible for everyone to go that high but if everyone gave her at least a $20.00 certificate from Kroger - she'd have a bunch of money!!! Even the smallest amount helps her on her limited income.
See you at Christmas!!


allison said...

I'm so glad you brought this up!! I was just thinking about seeing if everyone wanted to do something together for her.

I bought her a Kroger Gift card a couple years ago, and she was thrilled. So I know if all of us tried to give something, it would be a huge help!!!

I'm all over this one!!!!

Andrea said...

We could all go together and get one or we could individually get them and give them to her. It doesn't matter to me, I know she'll love it no matter how she gets it.

She always acts upset when she runs out. I don't know why I don't get them throughout the year - I guess I just get distracted with life and stuff.

s-hooks said...

That's a great idea! I've already bought her gift, but I'll try and get her one too! I know that would be a huge help.

ROSIE said...

Already done!!!

We get her one every year for Christmas,her Birthday and Mothers Day.

Yes, I think we should all get her one even if it's not a holiday.

She Does LOVE getting them!

We Should Start getting them for her all the time.
for like:
Ground Hogs Day
Mardi Gras Day
Ash Wednesday
Valentine's Day
Presidents Day
St. Patrick's Day
Palm Sunday
Good Friday
Easter Sunday
April Fools Day
Daylight Savings Time begins Day
Earth Day
Mother's Day
Armed Forcdes Day
Memorial Day
Flag Day
Father's Day (Mother's Day #2)
Summer Solstice
4th Of July
First Day of School
Labor Day
GRANDPARENT DAY (2nd Sunday in Sept.)
Columbus Day
Yom Kippur
Daylight Savings Time Ends Day
All Saints Day
Veterans Day
Winter Solstice
And instead of her giving us a Birthday gift of any kind we give her a Kroger Card.

ME said...

Our Mistake. . . Brent says we don't get her one for her Birthday and Mother's Day but I know we have.
BUTT Head that he is.

Andrea said...

Dang Rosie, your plan is going to require something I don't know how to do...budget my money!

Rosie said...

Mostly I think we should give haer one on our Birthdays I think that would be great. She wouldn't expect it at all. She always gives us something even just a card.

s-hooks said...

Happy Yom Kippur Grammy! Here's a Kroger card!

She'd get a kick out of that!

Rosie said...

s-hooks, You crack me up. That comment was FUNNY.

Andrea said...

S-Hooks, that's funny!!! I mean we should really be ashamed that we haven't given her Yom Kippur presents in the past.

I got her G.C. from us today while I was at the store getting more Welch's Juice Popsicles!!