Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Great Big Canvas

Check out the images at Great Big Canvas!! I could spend some serious dough on this site. For example, here's an awesome 45 minute time exposure image blown up to monster size that I could certainly put on my wall!

Do you have an image that is "canvas worthy"? This company will put your images on canvas too! Just go to: www.canvasondemand.com


boneman said...

unless your brother-in-law painted it, though. Then you'de just give it back.

(or am i just here to 'wine'?)

Andrea said...

How bout you give me the money back that you made on them too, huh?

boneman said...

only sold the one, I'll send a check on to you, dear.
I've given most away, as I always do, I fear.
Some still remain stacked floor to ceiling here.
And maybe a new style is what would bring me cheer.