Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sharpie Liquid Pencil

Gasp! Double Gasp!

Have you seen the latest & greatest from Sharpie? WHAT? You need to start paying attention to what's important, people!

Stop what you're doing, go get your car keys and head to your local office supply store. That's where you'll find the new Sharpie Liquid Pencil!!!

Leave it to Sharpie to turn a pen into a pencil and back into a pen! The Liquid Pencil writes as smooth as a pen, but is fully erasable like a pencil for up to 72 hours. Then magically, the "lead", which is actually liquid graphite, morphs into ink!

Say what??? So let's say you're getting married on Saturday. Then on Monday he does something stupid and you decide, this ain't your guy afterall. Well heck, just erase your signature right off that marriage license!! Woot! (probably not really legal, so this should not be interpreted as legal advice. Just sayin')

Go get yours today, but don't try to beat me to it, cause girl, I will.....

Flat. Knock. You. Down.


boneman said...

can we see it "morph"?
I mean, like does it do a song and dance as it "morphs"?

Wasn't that a tv program?
Morph E. Brown?

And now, for morph fun...magical GRAPHITE!

Seriously...(too late for that, now, eh?)
I was just buying pens at Wally world today (sale on their 1.2s...thin line is so much more fashionable, eh?) and I saw the pen I wanted selling at 2 for $2.84
Of course, just below it was the same pen in a four pack, $6.88.
Well, you know me...I did the math.
Looked like two for $2.84 was two two packs for $5.86 (four pens) which was 98 cents cheaper?
And then I saw the "sale " pens...four for $2.50 (because they were NOT fine points...(oh woe is me...) so, guess which ones I got?

Yeah...probably doesn't take much guessing...


Andrea said...

I visited every office supply store, big box store, discount store, ok ok, every store in a 25 mile radius this weekend determined to find this liquid pencil. No luck. Why? Why? Whyyyyyyyy do I have to be so cutting edge? It's such a curse. :)