Sunday, March 22, 2009

Licenses Plate Renewal for the Anti-Social!

Well it's that time of year again. Time to go to the licenses branch, wait, pay loads of money and get a sticker. The Carmel licenses branch has always been a breeze, I really shouldn't complain. I can almost always walk in and almost immediately get service. I'm usually in and out in 15 minutes. That's nothing compared to what it used to be right?

Well, this time, I decided (being the anti-social, uber techie that I am) I'll try the self service terminal. Why go interact with people if I don't have to? So I stroll into the licenses branch lobby, on a Sunday mind you, walk up to the machine and less than 2 minutes (and $243.00) later, I have my new registration and sticker!!! In less than 5 minutes, I renewed my plates, Rich's plates and I was on my way!

These self service terminals ROCK!

Friends, family, don't ever spend another second of your time waiting at the BMV! All you need is the driver's licenses number of the person who owns the car, the last 4 digits of their social security number, your insurance info (if it's different than what's on your current registration) and a credit card (or E-check). I whizzed through it so fast Rich stood there laughing at me (sure, he's easily entertained).

Click here to find a self service terminal near you!


Bob R Cat and Maxwell T. Dog said...

the only time Steve goes to the liscense branch is to renew his liscense.
Everything else he does by e-mail.
plates included.

*Jen* said...

You can renew online too! That's what I have been doing. That is even more anti-socail!

Andrea said...

I haven't done the online thing - which is really the truest form of anti-social licenses plate renewal. I always seem to forget until it's the last second and I HAVE to run to the licenses branch to get the sticker. Maybe next year I'll be more organized. *yeah right* :)

alli-gal said...

I said that last year and the year before...and the year before that....

Anonymous said...

Chris LOVES these things! Matter of fact, he and Sam just visited it this week.