Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ever thought about making a rainbow colored cake. No I don't mean colorful frosting, I mean a cake that is rainbow colored! Now you can!!!

Check out the recipe at


boneman said...

I've only been waiting to be able to buy the ingredients (and yes, no doubt the double recipe is called for!)
Funny we would both have a sweet food product on the front page, eh?

boneman said...

WAIT! WAIT! Is this your way of saying
You had to scrounge up your own birthday cake?
Well, my goodness, I hope not and I'm praying
That I'll have the ingredients soon and I'll make
One just for you, you'll like it I hope
even though I'll also help you eat it (like a dope)
But, I will let you blow out the candles!

Bitzky77 said...


Just make one for me, looks like too much work.