Monday, November 05, 2007

Went to the Forest Park in Noblesville this past weekend to eat some KFC with my sweethearty and snap a few last "peak season" shots around the park.
I'm totally going to miss fall - I've had so much fun traveling around takin pictures here and there. I'm sure we'll get a blast or two of winter to excite my picture takin' mind. Just one or two great big ol blizzards would work for me. I've got spring, summer and fall, now all I need is winter! Bring it on Ol Man Winter!!

Oh enough talk about snow, here's what I got:

Now....I'm thinking about printing these as Christmas gifts in collage form. What do you guys think? Do people want pictures of fall leaves? Here's what the collage would look like in 11x17.


Olive_12 said...

I love fall too. I'm gonna miss it.

Snow is very pretty though. ^_^

enN2sp said...

Love your collage
I hate winter but I agree there will be GREAT photo ops for at least 3 months. Even dirty snow and slush can be pretty.