Monday, November 05, 2007

November 5, 2007
Happy 3rd Anniversary to Us!

I took this picture of Rich in the park. I like the shadows on his face. They are paving new parking lots in the park, so of course he had to climb up on the equipment! Big ol kid!


Olive_12 said...

Sweet. I like the shadow too. Shadows are great, man.

alli-gal said...

I can't believe he climbed up on that thing!!! Great picture!!!

Bitzky77 said...

Congrats! You two seem perfect together. I can only imagine the conversations that you two have.

boneman said...

I read the line about liking the picture of Rich, with the shadows and all, but, I was looking at the other picture...
Dang! It looks like he's grabbing you to drag you into the woods, gal!
Is that what y'all did on yer anniversary? Play "bigfoot grabs a girl in the park" ?

And, of course, he called me yesterday to tell me I was getting ready to "birthday" him on the wrong day AGAIN!
It's beyond me how i can make the same mistake so many years in the same life. Sometimes I give him a gift on the tenth.....
And, if I wait till November, I give it to him on the fifteenth, and dang, that was Dad's birthday.

Well, I see y'all ran away fer the first bout of winter again.
Cold and rainy wet it is, complete with thunder and lightning.

So, today is veterans day.
Some ask why it's November 11th.
I always tell them it's because it's November and it's eleven days into the month.

Olive_12 said...

"Big foot"?


s-hooks said...

Happy Anniversary to you!!