Friday, August 17, 2007

10. Establish an electronic connection to home
9. Constant and sometimes instant communication with the fam
8. Post pictures of beautiful & picturesque Tampa enticing us to visit
7. Update us on new recipes he's tried lately
6. Gives us all another blog to view and leave comical comments on
5. A consummate musical buff, he could suggest great music to us
4. Peer Pressure - Everyone else has a blog, why not John?
3. Show us fun videos on YouTube
2. Blogging is cool
1. Keep us up to date on his life & stuff because we miss him!!!!!


alli-gal said...

Oh yes!!!! it's about time he joined the rest of us!!!! Does he know about this post??? I'm e-mailing it to him right now.......

s-hooks said...

Good call, Andrea!

If anyone in the family should have a blog, it should be John because he's so far away. I don't EVEN want to hear that he doesn't have TIME!! It's so easy to blog! Like writing an email.

Maybe we should start an email campaign...bugging John until he starts bloggin'

Come'on John!! How about a!!

Andrea said...

John's blog would be THE blog to visit. Always changing, always interesting.

Heck, he might even win the BEST BLOG award at Christmas!

enN2sp said...

That would be so cool! To see and hear about John! I agree with everyone!
Especially that I have NEVER been to Florida. I can't wait to see it.

Come on John YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Anonymous said...

OK, fam. I'll get one going soon. Thanks for the kind words. -John

Andrea said...


enN2sp said...
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enN2sp said...


Someone needs to give John everyone’s blog address so he can start looking at the family's blogs. Or he can just click on Andrea's “Sites Worth Looking At” that ought to do it, everyone is on there.

s-hooks said...

Woops, I posted it to the wrong entry..anyway, you convinced him: