Monday, March 05, 2007

An Experiment in Amishism

I don't know how they do it, the Amish.

How do they live without electricity? Without hot water? Without so much that we take for granted?

Rich and I have been living an Experiment in Amishism, though reluctantly.

Our slab leak is going to be fixed tomorrow. It's none too soon. (I promise pictures of the jackhammered part of my closet floor! Check back soon!!!)

We've been turning off the hot water heater so it doesn't leak out into the slab. I get up about 2 hours before I need to actually get up to turn the hot water heater back on so if I'm lucky, I'll have luke-cold water to wash my hair in and take a sink bath with.

The hot water leaks out into the slab just about as fast as the hot water heater can produce it. So you play a game of hot water roulette every morning - gotta get to the bathroom at precisely the right moment, or the luke warm water has all escaped and the bathroom floor, though not heated, is now toasty warm.

Oh yes, kids, the Amish have something in them that I lack. Though I admit, I know the difference between icy cold water and luke-cold water now. And the difference is big, let me tell ya.

Of course it's hot water that's leaking, not cold. So our light bill was $300.00 this month! What a shocker! Wouldn't you think the light company would send a little note with the bill.."hey we noticed your consumption of electricity shot to near record perportions- what's up over there?" ....but no. They happily sent the $300.00 bill and are now anxiously awaiting my check to arrive!

Our insurance adjuster has been all but non-existent. Her excuse for ignoring our phone calls? "She's single and is behind in her work." What? Did she just say she's single?

Anyway, the end is in sight. I can't wait to take a shower again.

I'll never take you for granted again Mr. Hot Water Pipe Under the House.


s-hooks said...

Oh it is so not funny, but I laughed the whole time I read this!!

I loved the part about the light company anxiously awaiting your $300 check!!

And, what's up with the chic that blamed it on being single? What? Was she out too late partying and hooking up with guys? Ooooo that is such a pet peeve of mine. I don't care what the excuse is-don't give me one-just do your dang job! Wouldn't it be kinda fun next time she gives you that excuse to take a bucket of "luke-cold" water to her job and dump it on her head and say, NOW GET BUSY YOU SINGLE TRAMP 'CAUSE THERE'S MORE WHERE THIS CAME FROM!? That wouldn't be very Amish, though..

Andrea said...

The only thing you can do when life slings crap in your direction: duck and have a good laugh!

I can't say that Rich has the same sense of humor about it. He's been dealing with our single and overwhelmed insurance adjuster and is at his wits end.

The plumbers are at the house now (Tuesday) so hopefully we'll at least have hot water again.

I can't wait for a good old fashioned scalding from the faucet!

alli-gal said...

I can relate 100%!!! At least you HAVE water!!! I didn't have or cold, or luke-cold for months....I don't really know how I did it either!!!

I spent a lot of time in my mom's bathroom, but I think she liked me needing her.

Now, the part about the single insurance adjuster....I think I would've had to ask for her number....maybe she returns personal call faster than work related calls.....sounds like that's what she said to me.....maybe Rich should pose as some single dude, and see if she returns his calls a little quicker!!!

I don't know if that's a good idea either.....I could see something very un-Amish coming out of your mouth!!!

enN2sp said...

What kind of excuse was that? What did that have to do with her job?

Being single is not an excuse or maybe it is. Maybe she stays up all night watching TV . . . NOT!!

I have been around people who are blonde or have blonde roots lately. She sounds like one of them.

No offence to the smart blond people I know. But DANG!