Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Remember little Ivan Stevens from Camden, New Jersey? Who could forget this little guy's face & story, right?
I just talked to his minister, Rev. David King (http://www.dkingministries.com/)
Guess what???? Someone donated money to Habitat for Humanity and they are building Ivan and his family a brand new home! It will be complete in 6 months.
Ivan's mom, Precious, is employed now too and they are still receiving packages at the church daily for Ivan and his family. I wasn't the only person touched by this little guy. He said they've received hundreds of calls and emails and have been completely overwhelmed by the outpouring. Ivan now has everything he needs and soon he'll have his own home to go home to.
Rev. King said there are lots of little "Ivan's" in Camden and he's trying to raise money to open an after school center across the street from the church. He wants the kids from a nearby elementary school to be able to come there for a hot meal.
Rev. King was out on the street ministering to people when 20/20 came up to him - that's how Ivan's story and other's ended up in the documentary.
Everyone please pray for Rev. King - this man is not taking a salary and is handing out money he really doesn't even have. He's doing great things and says he's already touched thousands of lives since coming to the church in Camden - but there are lots more that need his help and he knows it's his calling to help other people. Actually I think the Bible tells us - it's the calling for each of us to reach out and help others who need it.
I'm going to get a Walmart giftcard for him to use for anyone or even himself. Anyone interested in donating to his church or to the needy in Camden can do so by sending a giftcard or money to:
Community Baptist Church
1529 Mt. Ephraim Ave.
Camden, N.J. 08104


alli-gal said...

I am so happy that Rev. King and Ivan's story touched so many people. Isn't it amazing how generouse the human heart can be when you're moved by something??

s-hooks said...

That's great to hear, Andrea! I will keep them in my prayers.

boneman said...

back at the 'puter while Steve does church business....

yer pix are cool.