Saturday, March 17, 2007

Need a good laugh?

Go to

This blog lists packaging, advertising and all kinds of stuff that's not quite right. Here are a couple of examples that gave me a good chuckle:

Broken: Lowery Park Zoo flyer

The pricing scheme is on the back of a flyer for the Lowery Park Zoo in Tampa Florida:

Adults ( ages 12-49)
Seniors (60+)
Children ( Ages 3-11) Ages 2 and under are FREE

How much is admission for people that are between 50-59? Or are people between the ages of 50-59 not allowed to visit the zoo?

Broken: Triple thick shake
Robert Lee observes:
McDonald's advertises a "Triple Thick® shake". I've been trying to locate the National Shake Thickness Standard to verify that these shakes are three times thicker than the standard. [Maybe not "broken", but an apparently unprovable promise...]


s-hooks said...

funny site!

alli-gal said...

I'll vouch for the triple thick shake thing...i wanna know what scale they use to determine that that shake is indeed triple the thickness of something. The ones I've had are more like trhee times thinner than a normal shake...I call it false advertising!!!!