Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Mackinac Island Blog

So last fall, we went on vacation to Mackinac Island, Michigan..as you know. Don't remember? Well, let me refresh that moldy, old *smile* memory of yours with a few images of the trip!

Ohhhh there's lots more where that came from, but I digress!

Anywho, so after visiting this little island from the past, I began to wonder, what's Mackinac Island like in the winter. I found a couple of webcams that you can visit here and here, to see Mac live and in action. There are several other webcams on this site. Check em out.

So I watched Mac Island move from summer, to fall, to winter, to spring and now approaching summer again. It's almost as good as being there.

As I searched for webcams, I ran across a couple of really interesting blogs. This one is written by a teacher who lives, year round, on the island and teaches at the island school. She shares stories of her life and explains what it's like to live on an island, completely isolated during winter months. Interesting to read!

The blog I really enjoy reading is written by Bree, a southerner who spends her summers on the island and recently returned from the south to her northern paradise. She knows everyone on the island, enjoys meeting her blog readers as they visit and introduces her readers to the people, places and all things Mackinac.

Check out her blog, it's really interesting and if you get to Mackinac, like I want to again, this blog will help you plan your journey north. Thanks Bree!!


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Laurie said...

Hi Andrea,
I blog too and will be visiting this delightful island with my husband this June. My blog is called "Adventures in Travel". https://lauriekutilportraits.com/ Thanks for posting!