Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ink on my Seat

So I had a meeting downtown today. I always leave a little early, get downtown ahead of my meeting time, so I can catch up on email, chill, stop thinking, take a much needed breather - and the list goes on.

So I'm sitting in my car, enjoying the sun and people watching, doing a little work too. I'm writing notes on some documents and with my pen in my hand, put the papers in my passenger seat. What do I do? Swipe the pen right across the upholstery on my seat. Yes, the light tan colored upholstery in my car (the interior color of this car almost made me buy a different one - but I wanted white and when you buy a white Honda they give you blue or tan interior - I got tan).

Now anyone who knows me, knows I'm a fanatic about my car. I "guy" park everywhere I go to avoid door dings, I yell at people who sloppily eat in my car, etc (yeah it needs cleaned out right now but let's not bring that up).

So I'm ticked OFF!!!!!!! No let me correct that. I'm TICKED OFF!!!! P.O'd!!!!!!!!! Plenty of other expletives also describe how mad I am! I grabbed a napkin, spit on it (isn't spit supposed to be clean?? haha) and tried to blot out some of the blue gel ink. Nope. Didn't do a crappin thing to the stain. Now I'm really ticked. I called mom to Google removing ink from upholstery cause I didn't feel like googling on my phone and I needed a little therapy to keep me from hitting some innocent person. Mom finds a few options mentioned online:
  1. Blot alcohol on the stain followed by blotting the stain with a paper towel. Repeat until stain removed.
  2. Put hairspray on it and wash it off. Repeat until stain removed.
  3. Use rubbing alcohol on it. Repeat until stain removed.
  4. Use nail polish remover on it. Repeat until stain removed.
Sitting in my meeting, I'm thinking, that stupid stain is settling in my seat downstairs and I'm envisioning all kinds of trouble trying to get it out - all while concentrating deeply on the subjects being discussed in my meeting, of course.

So I come home, do my own bunch o'googlin' and decide I'm gonna try hairspray on it, since I've got an abundance of the stuff around here.

I spray the stain with hairspray. Let it sit there a minute, then using a white soapy washcloth, I blot the stain. I reblot and reblot using various sections of clean washcloth.


The stain is gone!!

Where are the pictures of said stain and now unsaid stain? Oh no. I took no photographic evidence of this frightful event in my life. Who'd want to remember this????

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boneman said...

next time, buy two matching stick on patches (yes...they have butterflies and dragonflies) and put them on your front seats symmetrically and for years, people will ask you "Saaaaayyyyy, Andrea? Where'de you get the option for those beautiful seats?"

And of course, it's up to you if you want to mention how sloppy you are in your NEW car...