Friday, March 28, 2008

This is a professor from Carnegie Mellon who has pancreatic cancer and inevitably will die soon. He is giving his last lecture here and offers some great advice.
There's a more condensed version, only 11 minutes long, from the Oprah show that you can watch here:
Or check out the whole thing which is almost 80 minutes long. It's worth watching!


boneman said...

this is really long, isn't it?

I'll be back.
(where have I heard THAT before)

s-hooks said...


"Don't complain. Work harder." Ain't it the truth!?!

And, the last thing he sad.

s-hooks said...

I like the part about dumping his coke in the backseat for his niece & nephew..that's great!

boneman said...

OK, Rich had a rocket painted on HIS wall at Wildwood. HA!

Saw the most of the Oprah show bit, but, the danged computer machine just kept going....
I like the guy. I think I have to try for the 80 minute number, though. I LIKE patter. He does it good, and I do it terrible.

But first, I'm still trying to put a telescope together for Bro, and take down a show and get ready for the next one, and come up with some new stuff.....


CONNELL said...

Are you checking your mail?

Olive_12 said...

Oprah sucks!
Go to my blog to read about how much she really does suck!