Friday, March 28, 2008

Hey music lovin' cousins....have any of you attended the Jazz Fest in Indy?

It's in June every year and coincides with the big, mid-summer Sky Concert fireworks display. Believe it or not, June is just around the corner!!

Every year, Rich and I take our bikes, park just a few blocks north of the circle and ride our bikes down to Military Park to take in some of the tunes and watch the sky concert. It's worth the trip if you've got the weekend free.

This year they've got Buddy Guy headlining on Friday night and John Legend on Saturday. Legend will start his show just after the fireworks.

Here's a list of the artist lineup :

P.S. You can sit along the canal behind the Eiteljorg and the Imax theater - listen to the music and watch the fireworks without paying for tickets - get there early for a decent seat! Oops, did I say that?


s-hooks said...

I know Bitzky used to go when he lived here, but I never have.

I'd like to hear John Legend. I bet it'll be packed. Sounds like fun!

Olive_12 said...


I wouldn't go. Sorry but I wouldn't....boring. (YES! Even those fireworks!)

Andrea said...

What??? No ooooooohing and aaaaahing for you?

alli-gal said...

My dad used to hang out with Mike Milligan!! That's awesome that they'll be there. I haven't seen him in years. I'll have to tell him who I am if we end up going.

We saw Buddy Guy at a festival in Indy last year. I don't think it was the Jazz fest. I think it was in the fall sometime.

Madeski Martin and Wood would be grest to see live. I had no idea they were gonna be in Indy this summer. Ryan and I are considering a couple festivals that they'll be a part of this year.

I gotta tell Ryan about this!!!

Bitzky77 said...

I keep an "Indy Jazz Fest" can coozie in my Jeep at all times. Everyone should go to the festival this year!

And yes Medeski, Martin & Wood would be the best act to see. I just caught them at the Clearwater Jazz Fest just three months ago!