Thursday, September 13, 2007

Pray for my dad!!

As most of you know, my dad has been blind in his left eye my entire life. He lost sight way back in the 60's, I think - so did a couple of neighbors who also lived on King Street. Now-a-days, you'd sue someone if something like that happened, but back in those days you just dealt with what was given to you. He's had that same disease in his right eye but it's never caused him a problem.

He woke up the morning of 9/11/07 and was having trouble seeing things close up. He can't see clearly enough to sign a check, he can't see what's on the computer. His distance vision isn't the same but it's not as bad. He says everything close up is really blurry.
He immediately went to the eye doctor but is going back tomorrow (Friday 9/13) for more tests and to determine what's going on and what needs to be done.

Obviously I don't want my dad to lose sight in his only good eye. He does have a cataract so it might just be that but we don't know yet.
Please say a little prayer that this can be fixed and he can go about his normal every day life.

Thanks everyone!!


enN2sp said...
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enN2sp said...

I didn't know no one told me about this. B even talked to him last night and he did say a thing.

I guess he (B) feel that he's not my dad as well as his. That's what he said when uncle Robby passed away. I was crying and he said "Why are you crying, he wasn't your uncle".

I'm praying right now.

Olive_12 said...

Poor Papaw. I didn't know either.

How rude! Dad didn't tell us! >=o

Andrea said...

Oh you know how men are, they aren't smart enough to know we want to know stuff like this. Rich does that crap all the time.

I'll gladly donate one of my eyes to dad, if he needs it and it would work for him.

Andrea said...

Mom said B was in pain last night with his hip....I know when I'm in pain I don't care about anything else but getting rid of it. Maybe that's why he didn't tell you guys.......

enN2sp said...

He said he forgot to tell us.
his pain is gone, he was in pain because he dosen't lift with his legs. He twisted his back when he was putting the machine back into the van.
The pills Cinda gave him worked real good, the pain was gone the next day.

Olive_12 said...

Yesterday we went to Mam's and Pap's place.
Poor Papaw had to sit in the tan rocking chair just to see the t.v. He was having trouble all day. He couldn't even see what buttons he was pushing on the remote.

Bitzky77 said...

Been praying for him.