Thursday, September 20, 2007

Introducing our sweet, precious little angel Ellie Grace!

Just 45 minutes old here:

Check out her full head of black hair 2 inches long!

Here I am right after my very first bath!

Sometimes I'm a little drama queen!

Sometimes I'm not!

They already did my footprint!

My Momma and Daddy are real proud of me!

So is my Pop!


enN2sp said...

Her is thow coot! Time to start spoiling a new baby.

When do you think you guys will be up again? I want to give you things I got for Kellie, Brian and Ellie.

Andrea said...

Probably not this weekend...maybe next.

s-hooks said...

I bet Momma and Dada are thrilled!

Wook at doz wittow wips!

Anonymous said...

Jill Anne said...That is one PRETTY baby! Wow! You are going to love her like crazy!

Olive_12 said...

A.....Step cousin?

alli-gal said...

I can't believe all that hair!!! i like her little mohawk.

So, what's little Ellie gonna call you?

Jen said...

That is one good lookkng newborn. She is so sweet!!

boneman said...

so, being as how he's a grandpa, now, if'n he wants, he can just borrow my teeth sometime.

Yes, I went to the competition, but, read the blog t'see how I did....

alli-gal said...

Hey andrea...left you a question on ask andrea in your comments....please help me!!!

alli-gal said...

Even some of my comments I have left on other people's blogs have not shown you think they're blocking me through the hospital somehow....does that sound paranoid?!?!

Andrea said...

Alli-when I go to your blog, all of your September posts show up on the main page, I don't have to go to the September link to see them.

Or at least I think they do. The bachelorette party is there and the test message. Were there others?

My only thought is the hospital might be blocking blogger - do you know anyone in IT that you could ask without raising a red flag and getting blogger need to alert them if they don't know, right?