Monday, May 07, 2007

We have a new employee at work. Her name is Nicolene. I decided her nickname should be Nico (Nee'ko). I further expanded her nickname today to be Nico Suave. So we laughed about Rico Suave for a while and I decided we needed to find the Rico Suave video. Where do I turn? Of course, trusty YOU TUBE has a Rico Suave video! Here he is in all of his no shirt, leather jacket, bad boy Latino glory. Besides Erik Estrada, Gerardo could explain my obsession with dark skinned, bad boys ..... (yeah I know, I married a blonde, white boy. I can't explain it either!)

Don't you just love 90's dancing? Enjoy this blast from the past!


enN2sp said...

There are a lot of women I know that would like to get their hand on a Hispanic Male, and hold on forever.

I lady I use to work with Married to a blonde blue eyed man loves Hispanic men and 2 others I work with now do to.

I guess I know how they are I just didn't ever go for them. There was one guy (a parent, last year with a wife and 4 kids. I admit he was hot.)

Mario Lopez is cute but not for me. Geraldo didn't do anything for me either or Eric Estrada.

s-hooks said...

Oh no you didn't just find a Rico Suave video for your blog!

"The running man" is even worse than I remember!

alli-gal said...

My Dad used to make fun of that song all the time :-)

KellyAnn said...

LOL, I loved it.