Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I planted all my flowers this weekend. Now it's time to watch them grow and bloom their little heads off. I love flowers!!!

I spotted this little begonia bud just starting to bloom. I liked how the petals open out of the bud curled and kind of unfurl in front of our eyes.

I thought it would make a good picture and would give me a chance to play with the macro mode on my camera.

Here's the result:


alli-gal said...

Andrea....That is beautiful!!! Have you ever enlarged and framed any of your photography? This would be awesome in a frame in someone's home!!!!!

Andrea said...

I have a bunch of pictures I want to enlarge. I've got some good ones from FL. I just never seem to get around to that.

Putin' that on the mental post it note!

s-hooks said...


s-hooks said...

Have you been over to trollimack's blog lately? Drama.