Thursday, September 14, 2006

Sorry Jenny, I know it's been a boring blog month for everyone. I still visit our family sites but there hasn't been much activity lately. Like I said before, I'm blog bored!

Mom and Dad have finally decided to keep Chancy and put a fence around the back yard. Chancy has never been off a leash - the people who had her before just put on out on a leash hooked to a clothes line. So she has no idea what it's like to be free. With a fence she will be able to run and play and have a great time.

So my baby sister gets to stay!!!! Yea!!!!!!!!!!!


allison said...

I'm glad they decided to keep Chancy. I got to meet her last week. I think your dad would have a much easier time handling her on a leash if he was using a real's no wonder he tore half the skin off his hand...he's using a plastic covered tie out chain and he wraps it around his wrist....I thought I was gonna have to x-ray him after my visit!!!!

But I felt kinda bad because Chancy got really excited because I had Delilah with me and she kinda went crazy on your dad....poor Uncle Dale!!!

Andrea said...

When dad fell and broke his ribs and messed up his hand, he wasn't using that leash you saw. He had one of those retractable leashes then.

I bought a new retractable leash and took it up to them on Sunday. Hopefully he's using it.