Saturday, September 23, 2006

Keep Leland Free!!!!
Don't worry Leland, if you get thrown
in a Mexican prison,
I'll come down there and spring ya!


allison said...

I don't have cable, but I DO know Leland....isn't he beautiful!!!

I love Dawg and the gang. So what's the latest on their trouble??? I need the family to keep me informed of these things!!!

I could probably call Aunt Jill. She told me she loves Leland too!!

enN2sp said...

This is what I've seen so far.

'Dog' Hoping to Cut a Deal with Mexico
Sep 23, 8:47 AM EST

The Associated Press

TV bounty hunter Duane "Dog" Chapman hopes to work out a deal to avoid extradition to Mexico to faces charges of illegal detention and conspiracy in his capture of a cosmetics company heir there three years ago, his lawyer said.

Bounty hunting is a crime in Mexico. Chapman and his two
co-stars on the show his son Leland Chapman and Tim Chapman (no relation) "Dog The Bounty Hunter," were arrested and jailed in Hawaii last week.

The U.S. Attorney's Office has until Oct. 16 to file papers in support of their extradition, but Chapman's attorney, Brook Hart, hopes to resolve the issue before then.

Chapman said he would offer an apology, pay a fine, forfeit the bail he posted in Mexico and make a charitable contribution, Hart said.

"What he's prepared to do is take responsibility for not having to stay around to face the charge," he said. The trio had ensnared convicted rapist Andrew Luster, the Max Factor heir, on June 18, 2003, in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

But they, too, were arrested by Mexican authorities.

Chapman posted about $1,300 for his release, and based on "FLAWED legal advice" thought he could leave the country and Mexican authorities would have no further interest in him, Hart said.

boneman said...

who's Leland?

enN2sp said...

You have to be kidding Bo?
If you have A&E cable you will know who Leland is.

Watch every Tues. and Wed. around 8 "Dog the Bounty Hunter" then you will know who is Leland.

Even my 62 year old mom knows who Leland is.


Andrea, my mom thinks Leland is cute too.

Andrea said...

Rosie, Bo lives out in the country....they don't have cable. Could you imagine life without cable? I don't think so......

Andrea said...

Bo, Leland is my boyfriend.

enN2sp said...

No I don't think I could live with out Cable.

Bo you need Cable.

Hey the first season in on tape. . . I think.