Sunday, February 19, 2006

Remember the Sir MixALot tune Baby Got Back?

Check out this remake by a preacher in Cleveland, Ohio. Saw a clip of it on VH1 Webjunk this weekend and got online to see the whole thing. It's great!!

I could go to this church!!!

(you'll need windows media player to view this)


s-hooks said...

Oh that's good!!

boneman said...

So, you guys din't win the "big one" so ya still have to go to work and that's supposed to explain away why there aren't fresh new postings here?

ps, i heard word and will call on same, but, dang! I bought the new powerball ticket and still din't win! ("din't" is a Ricki Arnezism)
Guess I'll just have to keep training rabbits to walk backwards in a straight row....but I'm having trouble figuring out how to sell a....


receding harline.

boneman said...

that's supposed to be "hareline"